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  • Parents of any age
  • Parents who have thought about home schooling
  • Parents who realize the education of children is ultimately their responsibility
  • People of faith
  • Business owners who desire an educated workforce
  • Educators who seek to improve pedagogy
  • Anyone who cares about our education system

ReEnchantment’s engaging tale – laced with magic and whimsy – brings alive memorable children’s yarns and classic sagas as the reader and story’s fictional family experience how much fun and instruction can be found in the pages of good books.

Following a father’s job promotion and the family’s move
to California, the Jacobsens are content to trust their children’s education to the local public schools until a calamity forces these parents to look more closely at what’s been going on – there aren’t any Christmas Carols at the school’s Winter Festival, and a bully has been stealing their son’s lunch.

As Miriam unpacks her family's
lives, we learn more about these folks from the Midwest; And we meet Peter, their crotchety neighbor, whose resumé includes teaching at parochial schools and a local college, but whose unkempt yard and life – just like the selfish giant’s in Oscar Wilde’s story– hasn’t seen Spring for years.

Yet things can change, and do, when the Jacobsens realize that educating their kids is their primary responsibility; and with God’s help and that of some new friends – real and make believe – they find the courage to slay the modern day dragons in their way.

"Ken set out to write a story that would give inspiration and confidence to parents...He ended up with a delightful, engaging tale that reminds us of ‘the permanent things’ and how we ought to go about pursuing them."

-Jeffrey Lehman, Ph.D. Tutor
Thomas Aquinas College—Santa Paula, CA.

"It was a good book...Worth reading."

-Fr. James V. Schall S.J.
Professor, Georgetown University

“The reassuring promise you offer: that trusting our heartfelt values can be part of our kids’ education."

-Wall Street Journal Columnist

"I used to think I was crazy but knew things were not right, which is why our children are no longer in the public school system. I felt very alone....Your book was comforting, supportive and fun to read."

-L. O'Brien—Mother of 3 in California

Enjoy a sneak preview of the story, and tell others about ReEnchantment’s message of hope.

ReEnchantment is not just for parents or parents to be. Nor is it only for those who wonder about home school. It's for any person young or old who takes learning seriously and loves good stories.